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From Travis Skaggs
From Jay Summers
From Joe Taylor
The 60mm mortar section. Left to right in the rear: Brian Wade, John Kelley, Ed
"Robin Hood" Lindsye, Rex Hoffmeister with no shirt.
Standing in the rear of the pit: Jose Rosales, Travis Skaggs.
Kneeling in front: Bennie Carver, Art Cracraft.

We are at the "Leper Colony" a few miles south of Marble Mountain and a
quarter mile from the ocean.

I am holding a Playboy and was one happy camper as I'd just gotten my orders
Left to right: Denver Britton, Noel Sullivan, Marvin Phelps, Jay
Summers at the Leper Colony.
The Marine reading is unknown.

Denver Britton would lose both legs to a booby-trap March 30, 1970.
I talked to him a while back and in spite of his wounds he seemed
upbeat.  He drives a truck for a living.
Joseph Brandt on the beach by the Leper Colony.
The scar is from a gunshot wound.