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I got a phone call one day from a fellow whose father had been in Vietnam
with Bravo 1/9 in 1966.  He had kept a diary complete with a bunch of
drawings.  The son sent me these 4.  It has been a while and all I remember
is that his name was Lavelle.

The above was made when 1/9 got to Dia Loc pass May 6, 1966.
June 25, 1966 11:20pm Song Thu Bon river.
This is my personal favorite.  Some near-by Sea Bees tossed a party for 1/9 (or
maybe it was just Bravo company).  I seem to remember the son saying they
had just returned from some operation.  In the finest tradition of inter-service
cooperation things soon got out of hand.

The Pabst Blue Ribbon bottle in the foreground suggests that adult beverages
may have had something to do with it.