From Ron Yates
Doc Robert Casey.

He was killed on Operation Allenbrook, May 16, 1968.

Doesn't look like a warrior does he?
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The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the NAVY CROSS
Posthumously to:


For service set forth in the following


For extroardinary heroism on May 16, 1968 while serving as a Corpsman with
company "G," 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division in connection with
operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam.  During Operation
ALLENBROOK Company "G" was moving through a fortfied village in Quand
Nam Province to engage an estimated 200 North Vietnamese Army Regulars.  
Suddenly the point elements came under heavy enemy fire, sustaining numerous
casualities.  Petty Officer Casey unhesitatingly moved forward under the intense
hostile fire and administered medical aid to on of the wounded Marines.  
Although wounded himself, he disregarded his own injury as he proceeded to
another casuality to administer medical treatment.  Wounded again while assisting
his comrade, Petty Officer Casey steadfastly continued his efforts and moved to
the aid of still another casuality, receiving two additional wounds while treating
the Marine.  When other Marines moved forward to evacuate Petty Officer Casey,
he adamently refused to leave the battle area, stating that he wanted to continue to
treat the wounded.  After being evacuated to the rear by his companions, he
encouraged the casualities around him and provided instructions to others in
applying battle dressings.  Upon hearing a wounded Marine call for aid, Petty
Officer Casey dauntlessly crawled to the man and, while treating his injuries, was
mortally wounded.  By his unflagging courage, selfless concern for the welfare of
his comrades, and unfaltering devotion to duty, Petty Officer Casey upheld the
highest traditions of the Navel Service.

For the President

Secretary of the Navy