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From Bill Walters
Probably taken before deployment. Bill
Walters on the left.
From Bill Walters
Mel Tate thinks this may be Cpl Fazon.
From Bob Eberts
1965  -  2004.  Bob was the company Gunny
when they landed 7/65.
George DeLuca, Willard Stahl, Bob Ebert.

George DeLuca was killed August 13, 1965 and Willard Stahl was
wounded in September or October 1965.
I received the following account of his death, but forget who sent it
to me.

"He was killed while clearing a booby-trapped road block.  
Apparently no one knew he was injured at first.  He helped with three
men of the 7th Engineers who had been wounded.  He had a
medi-vac called for them when he fell down and started having
trouble breathing.  He was given mouth-to-mouth and it was
discovered that he had a head wound. He seemed to be doing better
by the time the medi-vac arrived but died later at the hospital."