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From Dwight Brooks
At last!!!!!!  What we'd all been waiting for, that
long flight home.
From Dwight Brooks
From Jim Russell
From Doug Mohr
Battalion radio operators, 1968.

J. B. Rowan sent some info on this picture.

Back row left; Mike Theroux, "Pappy", ?, Tom "The Phantom" Noojin.

Middle row; J. B. Rowen (wearing the hat) Steve Scott, Paul "Twiggy" Passafume.

Front row; Meiselmann, Stacy McLamb, Lamar.

Doug Mohr said that
Lamar Yancy is the Marine on the right in the first row.  Lamar would lose
both legs to a booby-trap in the area of
Operation Allenbrook on July 29, 1968.

On September 3, 2003 I heard from Steve Scott.  He's the Marine in the middle with his arms
crossed.  He told me the man in the front middle is Stacy McLamb.  Steve said this picture was
probably taken some time after Operation Arizona.