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From R. J. Del Vecchio
This picture was taken by R. L. Del Vecchio who was a combat
photographer and it appeared in the, "Sea Tiger."  This was May 7,
1968 on Operation Allenbrook.

Squatting in the front is Zyg Haney.  The first man may be Frank
Torrez (Frank lives in Sparks, NV and put in 30 years with the police
there), the second man is Tom Ward (Tom would be badly wounded
later), the man with the bayonet fixed is Jack Boone.
From Bill Majors
Bill Majors and unknown.
From Ed Kenny
From Ed Kenny.  Ed was a platoon commander with Golf in 1968.

This area is west of Danang and north of Happy Valley.
From USMC Collection
Neither this picture or the one below pertaing Golf Co.  
They are from the USMC's collection of Vietnam photos.

The one above had a caption saying they had seen some
gooks in the valley below and were firing LAWs at them.  
You can see from the back blast that one just fired.

The picture below just struck me as funny.