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From Charlie Hendrix
Charles Hendrix' squad April 26, 1968 at Hill 190.

Dick Sterling (black top left), Charles Hendrix (holding cigarette),
Marvin Bullock (black guy), Sam Rolen (Hendrix' arm around him),
Rodriquez, William Eckenrod, Al Trojanowski (tall white guy), John
Aiken (bent over behind man with white tee-shirt), Ray Worley (no shirt
on), Ken Carter, John Ponder (left front), Pat Goble, Ray Krey (white
tee-shirt), Presley.

Pat Goble was killed May 7, 1968
John Ponder was killed, May 16, 1968
Charles Hendrix was killed May 16, 1968
Marvin Bullock was killed May 16, 1968
Samuel Rolen was killed May 16, 1968

The following are not found on my company rosters after May 1968 and
I am assuming they were wounded.

William Eckenrod
Raymond Krey
John Aiken
From Charles Mayo
Charlie Mayo
From Charles Mayo
From Charles Mayo
Ellie Huggins