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From R. J. Del Vecchio
From R. J. Del Vecchio
From R. J. Del Vecchio
Once we got into heavy brush visibility was poor.  The tanks couldn't move well
and fire started coming in from both sides of a V shaped ambush.  The NVA
had set up to wait for us, using the resupply party as bait.  This is a shot of the
M-60 gunner putting down some fire towards where the incoming originated.

The machine gunner may be Glee Roy Light.  The last picture in this series
shows him wounded in the leg.  He was killed a bit after that when he was shot
This is part of the squad moving up towards the line of fire.
The next 9 pictures were taken by R. J. DelVecchio, a combat photographer
assigned to Golf company during Operation Allenbrook.  The text in red are his

2/7 had been on Go Noi island for a couple of days already, been in contact with
the gooks the night before.  On the morning of the 7th a party was sent out to get
some resupply, couple of Amtracs I think.

The NVA ambushed them and pinned them down.  The company mounted up,
maybe 9am, and headed out to relieve the seige.  This is the column heading up
the road to get to the edge of the heavily forested area that led to the ambush.  I
got up on the tank to ride and take this picture.