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From R. J. DelVecchio
From R. J. DelVecchio
After the picture of the grenade going off I had to change film, went to color film.  
It was still in the camera when a bullet went through it.  The color picture above is
the only one that survived.

It's of the M-60 guy on the ground in front of me (his name was Light, I think)
after he was wounded.  You can see two other Marines in the picture, one throwing
a grenade and the other reaching for a magazine.  You can see the gunner was
wounded in the thigh and bleeding heavily.  The dark area on the right is the tree I
was behind.  He looked up a second after I took the picture and told me to get the
fuck out there and help him.  I looked around and there was no one else so I
tightened up so as to not piss my pants and went out and dragged him back out of
the line of fire.  He was a hell of a machine gunner.  He was working out that day
really first class.  Rest In Peace.
Bingo, the grenade goes off.
Again, any text in red is the contributor's comments.

Del is very proud to have been with Golf company during these hard days.  He
witnessed many acts of individual courage and I believe it impressed him.   The
men he met in May 1968, and see at the reunions, mean a lot to him.

If anyone would like large, up to 12X18, copies of these pictures you can contact
Del.  His phone number and email is on the site's roster.
Roy Light was given aid by the Corpsmen and probably would have been okay.  
But for whatever reason he tried to stand up and was shot in the head and killed
later that day.