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From George Rekowski
From George Rekowski
Steve Frey.

This is the first man in Golf company that I can remember
meeting.  He was at Dai La pass waiting to go home after his
third Purple Heart.  When I met him he was higher than a kite
and screaming his head off, friendly though.
From Luis Galvan
Clyde Saxon.

Clyde was killed March 18, 1969 along the river between Hill 22 and Cobb Bridge.

Just at dusk we (1st platoon was on a three day sweep) saw a gook walk across an
area that had been stripped by a 500 pound bomb.  He was 3-400 hundred meters
away and got across before anyone could get a shot.  A few seconds later another
one came along.  We shot at him and he skied, I think another one came too.  Lt.
Espajo decided we should cross the river and set up around the crater and try to
ambush them.  It was well after dark by the time we got set in.  Now sooner had
we done this when someone screamed, "Gooks," and firing broke out.  There was
one in the brush in front of our (myself, George Terry, David Call, Tom
Yolkiewicz) position.  He couldn't have been more then 25 feet away but he was
in very dense brush and we were in the stripped out area.  His first burst killed
Tom and a couple of seconds later wounded David.  We had some other
casualties and needed a medivac.  David Call was shot through the chest and was
going to die without one.  The first chopper was shot down and set down on the
gook that shot it down.  This was down the slope, toward the river from where we
were.  The second one tried to sit down in the blasted out area.  Clyde got up to
help with the wounded and the pilot turned on his lights so he could see.  Not to
fault the man, it was dark, we were on a hillside, his landing zone was a fairly
small circle, and there were trees around him.  But his light caught Clyde in the
open and he was shot.  A third chopper finally got in while everyone fired like
wild men and got the wounded.
From Tom Henri
Tom Henri on the right.