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From George Rekowski
Two views of the coast taken from the Tripoli.
From Mike Ramey
In the rear is Jim McMurtrey.  He was Mike Ramey's radioman.

In the front is Jim Melius from Upper Marlboro, MD.  He was the platoon
radioman from November '68 until February '69.

According to McMurtrey, Jim now lives in New York and runs a gym.
From David Rucker
David Rucker
From Mike Ramey
Taken on the USS Tripoli.  This was Golf company's home base while they were
'on float' in 1968.  Most of their time was spent ashore on operations.  They only
spent a few days onboard.

Mike Ramey on the left and Larry Mason on the right.  They are getting ready
to go on R&R.

Notice the "Welcome Home" sign behind them.  Golf had just finished an
operation and come back on board.  The sailors had cookies and punch ready
for them.  The Marines were neither amused nor impressed.