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From David Thompson
David Taylor and Doc Louis Liotino on Meade
From Mike Ramey
In the back, facing the camera, is Jim McMurtrey.  In the middle looking
down is Tom "Pineapple" Root.  In the front, looking back at the camera, is
Robert Tuell.

On July 10, 1969, in the Bo Bans, Tom Root would lose both legs to a
booby-trap.  On July 27, 1969 he died while being flown to Japan.  There
were three othe men killed on the 10th and a couple wounded.

Joe Bonifas, who was with another squad in the area, said they heard three
explosions.  Evidently Root, who was the squad leader, stopped his squad
right in the trap for a break.  One of the men killed set it off.

Robert Tuell would be killed by a booby-trap September 19, 1969.

Jim McMurtrey was wounded in by a booby-trap on September 15, 1969 in
the area between LZ Ross and Hill 953.
From George Rekowski
From James Henn
From David Thompson
David Taylor, Bernard Fallon, Denning.  Probably
on the Tripoli.
James Henn