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From Mike Ramey
Looks like it's on the Tripoli.
From Mike Ramey
Mike Ramey then.
Wasn't he just adorable.
Travis Skaggs and Mike Ramey.  We met for
lunch on the north side of Columbus, OH in 2000.
From Travis Skaggs
From George Rekowski
Steve Green, Greg Houser and Charles Mayo.

Taken at Hill 22 in early 1969.
From David Kass
Robert Martinez, David Dinehart, David Kass, David Young, Roary

Taken at Hill 22, probably in March 1969.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  I don't know why but it really
appeals to me.  If I should ever get my book published this would make a
good front cover.

Robert Martinez WIA August 26, 1969
David Dinehart WIA August 12, 1969
David Kass made it home ok
David Young made it home ok, but has died since Vietnam.
Roary Walsh WIA August 29, 1969