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From David Kass
In the back, left to right: Bill Gravelle, Brad Fountain, Ray
Rankin, David Dinehart, Robert Martinez.

In the middle: David Young, Don Fields, Clarence Stevens.

In front: Bob Muth, Bob Fresquez.

Bill Gravelle was wounded August 26, 1969.
Brad Fountain was wounded April/May 1969.
Ray Rankin was wounded August 26, 1969.
David Dinehart was wounded August 12, 1969.
Robert Martinez was wounded August 26, 1969.
David Young made it home okay but has died since.
Don Fields was wounded August 26, 1969.
Clarence Stevens was wounded August 23, 1969.
Bob Muth made it home okay.
Bob Fresquez was wounded April 1969.
From David Kass
From left to right: Bailey, Rich Maus, Wilson, Henry Boyd, Tony

Tony Hatfield was wounded in April 1969.
From Terry Oldham
From Lonnie Hedley
It looks like he has a Lieutenant's bar on his hat.
From Lonnie Hedley