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From David Thompson
Sgt. Roy Price in the Hill 22 area.

Roy has died since Vietnam.

The first multi-day patrol I went on we weren't too far off the hill
when we crossed a little stream like this.  The man in front of me
took off his helmet and scooped up a load of this water and
walked along sipping on it.  Man!!!! was I disgusted.  You can see
what it looks like, it was nasty.  We walked a bit farther, and it
was hot.  I was dying.  The next stream we crossed I scooped me
up a bunch of that sweet necter too.
From Rich Maus
Richard Greene in the background shooting an M-79 (blooper).
From Rich Maus
Lester Jones.

This may have been when were getting ready to kick off
Oklahoma Hills.