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From Joe Fitzgerald
From Joe Fitzgerald
From Joe Fitzgerald
Left to right; Joe Fitzgerald, Jerry Paulsen, unknown.

Jerry Paulsen was a platoon commander with Golf in early 1969.  On February
23, 1969 a road sweep coming out of Hill 22 was hit at the about the junction of
the Hill 22 road and the main road that ran between Hotel Battery and the
Catholic Ville.  A react platoon went out and was hit also.  There were six
Marines killed, Jerry Paulsen among them
On the back of this picture was the following by Jerry Paulsen:

This was taken at Dai Loc after we got back from the ten day operation in
Leech Valley.  As you can see, before I got to a razor, a camera got to
me. Miss you all.
Love Jerry,
Taken February 7, 1969.
Taken at Hill 22.
From David Rucker
David Rucker at the hospital