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From Rich Maus
From Rich Maus
The listening post just outside Hill 22's lines.
Ernie Martinez second from left.  Richard "Richshit" Greene
is the black guy.  Rich Maus is in front with the shirt.

Ernie Martinez was killed July 10, 1969.
From Milt Golden
Taken at Cobb Bridge.  While we were there we did a number
of 'betterment' projects and that looks what's going on here.

On the far left, standing is Jim Tyler; sitting in the rear is
Frank Rodriquez; below Tyler, sideways to the camera is
Gary Williams; in the middle looking at the camera is Milt
Golden; on the right, looking over his shoulder is Jack Lacky.

Jack Lacky was killed July 10, 1969
Gary Williams was wounded July 10, 1969
From Lonnie Hedley