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From Tony Poole
From Rich Maus
From Mike Ramey
This is a bunch of Hawaiians we picked up just after Operation
Oklahoma Hills.  They were a great bunch of guys, a lot of fun to be
around.  But they didn't fare too well.  All but a couple were gone by
the end of August.

Going around clockwise we have:
Lying on his back is Pat McCoy, Duke Hamilton, Clarence Stevens
(just visible behind Duke), Kimo Peleiholani (just above Stevens
head), Charles Kanehailua (with guitar), Clayton Tellio (above and
behind Charles), Tom Abril (next to Clayton), Tom Root (beside
Charles), unknown, unknown.

Pat was wounded June 18, 1969
Clarence was wounded August 23, 1969
Kimo was killed August 26, 1969
Charles Kanehailua was wounded about October 15. 1969
Clayton was wounded August 26, 1969
Tom Abril was wounded, date uncertain
Tom Root was wounded July 10, 1969 and died July 26, 1969
Probably Dan Libby.