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From Al Brauch
Pfc James Justice on the left, Lcpl George Conners in the middle, and Cpl Samuel McFall
of Golf's 2nd Platoon.
This was on Operation Nevada.  In addition to the rice they took a prisoner.
From Al Brauch
Golf's 2nd Platoon during Operation Nevada.
Lcpl Michael Wilson, Pfc Kenny Biddle, Lcpl Marshall Phillips, Lcpl John Haller, and
Pfc Albert Lopez.
From Steve Green
Left to right: Lester Atherden, Steve Green, Bob Bergeron.  Taken
February 1966 on Operation Double Eagle.

Lester was killed March 4, 1966 on Operation Utah.
From Ralph Kruse
Due to heavy rains it was necessary to move
the messhall.
From Ralph Kruse
Pay call.  Ralph Kruse sitting in the Jeep.