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From Rich Maus
From Terry Oldham
From David Kass
A medivac during Operation Oklahoma Hills.  Also below.  I'm almost sure
this was on day 2 or three of the operation.  We had someone fall out from
the heat or something.  I think that is me on the left in the upper picture
and on the right on the lower one.
From Rik Pugh
On April 5, 1969, about the 5th day of Operation Oklahoma Hills we had
several men wounded by rockets.  We had stopped for a couple of days on
a ridge.  There was a 500 pound bomb crater there that we used it for
garbage.  When we got ready to leave it was burned.  The propellant in one
of the rockets buried there went off, but not the explosives.  It threw
burning stuff over a bunch of guys.  Most of the wounds were relativly
minor, though painful.  Sgt Arthur Meru, 1st platoon's platoon sergeant,
was burned fairly badly in the face.  I remember talking with some guys
about whethere or not he would lose his vision.  He was located in July
2004 and was fine.