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From Lloyd Lindsey
At Cobb Bridge.
From Steve Lewis
I'm now thinking this is Bob Muth.  Though Bob Muth said he thought it
was David Young.  And to confuse things further I had at first though it was
Tom "Babyson" Morrow.

On February 23, 2001 I talked to Tom Morrow on the phone.  He lives in
Columbus, OH and is retired.  He was wounded in September 1969 by a
booby-trap and lost a leg below the knee.  Gangrene set in and they had to
keep cutting until he had no leg left at all.  In spite of this he was very upbeat
about things.  When I visited him in 2003 it seemed to me that he had done
well with his life.
From Robert Martinez
From Lonnie Hedley