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From Richard Lakatos
Richard Lakatos on the right.
From Rik Pugh
1st platoon's hootch at Cobb Bridge.

The square tin roofed ediface is what we referred, mostly in humor, as
our club.  You weren't allowed in it, but at 5 o'clock or so we could line
up outside and buy two warm beers.
From Ray Rankin
This was taken at Cobb Bridge.  All the men here were from Hawaii.  We picked
them up either at the very end of Operation Oklahoma Hills or as soon as we
got to Cobb Bridge.  That would have been toward the end of April.  By the end
of August they were almost all gone.

Curtis Kern front left, John Pedro center, Clarence Stevens.

Clayton Tellio top left, Charles Kanehailua, Kimo Peleiholani leaning on his
hand, Tom Abril.

Kimo was killed August 26, 1969.
Clayton was wounded August 26, 1969
Clarence was wounded August 23, 1969
Curtis was wounded, date unknown
Charles was wounded about October 15, 1969
Tom was wounded, date unknown

One day on a patrol John Pedro got all excited when he saw some bananas and
wanted to show us how his mother cooked bananas and how good they were.  
We were all generally in accord with about anything allowing goofing off and
this looked as good an excuse as any so he was told to have at it.  He cooked
and fumed and fussed in a most satisfactory manner for a long time until he
announced they were done.  They really sucked, but it was something to do.
From Lonnie Hedley
From Lonnie Hedley