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From Roary Walsh
Left to right in the back: Bill Gravelle, Brad Fountain, Don Fields,
David Dinehart.

Left to right in the middle: David Kass, Doc Matthews, David
Young, Bob Fresquez.

In front: Clarence Stevens, Ray Rankin.

The picture was taken by Roary Walsh.  On August 29, 1969 Roary
was also badly wounded.  By this time all the above men except
Kass and Doc Matthews were wounded and gone also.  Roary had
just spent several months in daily, hourly contact with these men,
they were his friends and squad mates.  One by one he watched this
group melt away.  This slow, and often not so slow, turnover was
the timepiece of our tours.  And like many of us Roary seems to
have keenly felt that erosion in what was a very strange world to
start with.
From Donnie Dement
From Frank Dendish