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From David Kling
From Robert Nicholson
The pictures above and below are of Cecil Lambert.

Cecil was killed August 12, 1969.  The morning road sweep had been
hit and we went out to help them.  We were on line and sweeping an
area where the road to Hill 22 and the main road to Dai La
pass/Hotel Battery met.  As we crossed the Hill 22 road some gooks
opened up from about 20-30 feet away.  Cecil was right in front of
them.  Doc Robert David hearing a Marine, Steve "Jerry Lewis"
Mascia, screaming went to his aid in spite of having exactly zero
cover.  He was shot in the chest whileworking on Steve, though he
Taken at Tugboat.
From Bob Muth
Doc David Dean in front and Sgt. Jake Sphon in back.

Taken at Tugboat.

This is the Corpsman who was shot tending to Cecil Lambert.  It
is amazing how seriously our Corpsmen took their duties.  They
suffered a very high casuality rate because of it.