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From Travis Skaggs
On May 16th I took off in rain with five other bikers from Carson City, NV on
our way to Ontario, CA to take part in
first run, for the others this was just one of many.

We made it to Bridgeport, CA (about 75 miles) and stopped to gas up and get
breakfast.  We had planned on stopping in Bishop, Ca (170 miles) but we were
frozen as it was still raining and in the mid 40s.

It looked a little better after a bite and some coffee but about 10 miles out of
Bridgeport we started running into snow.  It didn't stick to the roads but it did
stick nicely to windshield, hands, and faces.  The next 30-40 miles really sucked.

When we dropped down to Bishop the weather turned perfect, until about 30
miles out of town when a 60 mph cross wind came up.  It stayed windy the rest
of the day.

The run gathered on the 17th at the Fairmont hotel in Ontario.
This is the group I rode down with after we stopped and picked up a
couple more.  These guys were pretty hard corp riders.  It was 80 mph,
side by side, 10 feet apart between pairs.  Though I was peeing down both
legs a couple of times, recognizing a test when I see one, I managed to
hang with them
While Harleys dominated there were bikes of every make and description.