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Another big highlight of the trip was going through Rainelle, West Virginia.

The story I got on why they go there every year runs like this.
The original plan on RFTW 1 was to go down the WV turnpike.  When they got
to the start of it they got into a pissing contest with the toll gate keepers over
whether or not they would be allowed to ride free.  They lost and after flipping off
(there may have been some cursing, reports vary) they broke out the map and
found a road that ran along the turnpike.  It's a great bike road - if it's just you
and a couple of buddies.  But with a bunch of bikes it is a very, very slow curvey,
curvey, curvey ride.  After a bit they noticed that people were out in front of their
houses waving at them.  It seems people were calling ahead to tell friends to check
it out.  By the time they got to Rainelle the whole town was there to make them
welcome.  It became the tradition.

It was quite a reception.  Kids were running around having us autograph books,
shirts, etc.
Two other large runs come through Rainelle the same day.  By the time I pulled
out to head down to Lewisburg to spend the night the town was awash with bikes.
Leaving the fairgrounds the next morning, in a bit of a fog, I found this sign.

Somehow taking medical advice from someone who advertises on a sheet of
plywood just doesn't sound right.