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The decidely biker looking guy is PatoPato from Hawaii.  He and at least 7
others fly their bikes over every year for the run.  He did a lot of riding in
shorts and flip-flops.

The man sitting on the bike is Lee "Stump" Vila.  I rode down with him from
Carson.  He lost his left leg at the knee and welded on a piece to his new one to
allow him to shift.  He is one funny, good to be around guy.
On the day we started we met by at TA truck stop about 2 miles from the hotel.
 J. R. Richards, who was leading the show, had a big meeting with everyone
and went over everything.  Above is one of the many, many folks who donated
food, water, time along the route.  They were passing out doughnuts, coffee,
snacks, sunscreen, and water.  They were big on making sure everyone had
plenty of water.  It was HOT!!!!! and at 70 mph, 10% humidity wind really
sucks it out of you.

We pulled out of Ontario with a police escort at 8:00 with about 3-400 bikes.  A
lot of these were just going for a day or two.  But at every stop we picked up
When we showed up there were road guards directing us to where to park.  They
lined us up two abreast.  When we started out that kept us in order and from all
trying to be the first ones out.  My guess this this saves a lot of wrecks, fights,
and general cussing ats.