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It's morning and we are getting ready to leave Limon, Colorado.  This is the gas
crew.  We had to wear the red vests so the road guides would know who we were.  
They also came in handy at the fuel stops, it could pretty crowded and hectic
trying to fuel several hundred bikes at once.

If you look at the guy with his back to the camera you'll notice the front end of
that bike is kicked out.  He's riding a hard-tail chopper.  He's a member of the,
"Iron Butt Association."  To get in you have to ride 1,000 miles in 24 hours.

The picture below was taken the previous evening just before getting to Limon.  
We just stopped to take a break at a wide spot in the road.
Home sweet home in Salinas Kansas.  They turned over a city park to us
complete with dinner, live music, and free beer.  The beer was cut off
depressingly early.