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At the conclusion of the ceremony they let black ballons loose in memory of the
This guy joined us in Salinas, Kansas and stayed with us a day or two.  He would
sharpen your knife for a donation.  He had a dog with him that rode in the
sidecar that you can't quite see.

In the morning I left with the gas crew but when we passed Evansville, Indiana I
dropped out to spend the night with my brother.

The next night the pack stayed in Huricane, West Virginia.  That's pronounced
her-uh-CUN (cun as in bun) by-the-way, just so you don't embarrass yourself if
you're ever passing through.  I spent the night with my folks who live about 3
miles off I-64 in Ashland, Kentucky and caught up with them before they pulled
out in the morning.
We stopped at the capitol grounds in Charleston, West Virginia for a bit of a do
and some coffee and doughnuts.  Above is picture of their war memorial.  Each of
the panels is for a different war.